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Author R.G.Richardson 230 Interactive job and city guides; searching 10 languages and never out of date.

Financial Interactive Notes - definitions, terms, graphs and videos with preset searches - Just pick and click no typing - connected to the internet. 

Free copies available for educational and learning disabilities.

Interactive City Guides and Dictionaries

Asia, Europe and North American Travel Series has over 230 titles for sale in 190 countries and available in over 10 languages.

New for 2020, a new series of job, Employment, Economic Interactive Dictionaries, Financial Market, Money and Banking terms and definitions with over 9800 quick links! Great for students or anybody that wants to keep up with all the terminology. 

Robert Richardson


Since 1983 RG Richardson and has established International contacts and banking associates worldwide. Robert is a former banker with the Toronto Dominion Bank of Canada, SunLife Insurance, Hilton Hotels of Canada and an International Management Consultant with major U.S. Consulting firms in the United States. Robert also has a B.A. Economics from Bishop’s University and has held four professional licenses in the fields of Mutual Funds, Insurance and Real Estate. R.G. Richardson has an advantage in establishing your Interactive resources and solutions worldwide.

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